The practice of dāna, or generosity, is central to Buddhism and many other religions and cultures. Simply put, dāna is a freely given offering that involves us in the “circle of giving.”

By giving, we support others to give, so that we and others may receive. As we continue the circle of giving and receiving from each other, everyone can get their needs met.

I am choosing to offer some of my teaching for dāna, in order to make them available to those who are ready to receive them. I gratefully appreciate your contributions.

Dāna via Zelle

We prefer Zelle as our payment portal, because we are not charged processing fees. Please use Francis's phone number 303 to make a Zelle Dāna donation.

You can check whether your bank accommodates Zelle payments (most banks and credit unions do) by visiting the link above. Zelle charges no fees for sending or receiving money.

Currently, Zelle is only available within the USA.

Dāna via Francis' Bank Account

We also accept direct transfers to Francis's bank account(s).

Please confirm these numbers with Francis before trasferring money.

USA Bank Account Information:

  • Institution: BECU (Credit Union)
  • Routing Number: 80
  • Account Number: 829

UK Bank Account Information: Francis will text you his British bank information upon request.

Canadian Bank Account Information: Francis will text you his Canadian bank information upon request.

Mexican Bank Account Information: Francis will text you his Mexican bank information upon request.

Dāna via Paypal

To make a Dāna donation using Paypal, use this link. We appreciate you using the 'Friends and Family' option, as this avoids Paypal fees.

Recurring Dāna

I am currently exploring options for accepting recurring Dāna contributions. ♥